Landers Farms is offering a special training program with International Dressage Instructor, Michael Beining.

The Michael Beining Training Program syllabus explains Michaels over-all goals when working with a student.
If you are completely committed to learning the art of Dressage, find yourself highly motivated and a self-starter,
this program might be for you.

Please feel free to contact Michael Beining or Linda Landers for additional information.




schedule coming soon



A Feldenkrais Workshop is coming to Landers Farms

July 19-23, 2017

Details will be coming soon regarding the schedule.

It will be given by Shelagh O'Neil from the United Kingdom.
Her website is

International Dressage Instructor Michael Beining and Landers Farms are pleased to have Michael’s Feldenkrais Teacher, SHELAGH O'NEILL from the UK come to our facility. 

Michael explains why this practice is important to him in his teaching…..

Which grown-up dressage rider has not watched a young kid in awe learning to sit and ride a horse so easily?

Don't we wonder, what has gone wrong in our learning as adults? 
FELDENKRAIS has developed a method - actually two: AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT and FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION - to help us to "re-educate" our nervous system so we can learn again in such an enjoyable way.

Moshe Feldenkrais writes in his book, AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT, "The lessons are designed to improve ability, that is, to expand the boundaries of the possible: to turn the impossible into the possible, the difficult into the easy, and the easy into the pleasant…

We should differentiate clearly between improvement of ability and sheer effort for its own sake. We shall do better to direct our will power to improving our ability so that in the end our actions will be carried out easily and with understanding.." Moshe Feldenkrais writes in his book,

From my personal experience with the Feldenkrais-method I would say it teaches us to learn how to learn!

When we now ask, how it can help for learning dressage, then we find again in Feldenkrais’ words meaning, as if he had spoken specifically about Dressage:

"To understand movements we must feel no strain. To learn we need time, attention, and the ability to distinguish; to distinguish we need sensory perception. This means that in order to learn we must sharpen our powers of sensing, and if we try to do most things by sheer force we shall achieve precisely the opposite of what we need.”

So I am very pleased, that we have my Feldenkrais teacher coming!

To learn more about SHELAGH (pronounced Sheila) O'NEILL and the Feldenkrais method please go to her website.

Read more about Shelagh here.






Elmar Schmeilhusen/Michael Beining Clinic

November 1-8, 2016

This Fall, we have so many horses to work in the clinic we have expanded to 8 days to give more horses and riders inclusion. Elmar rides the horses daily. The format is that the rider shows the horse to him and he sits on it. The next day Elmar starts the horse and the rider then sits on it. That gives the opportunity for two rides on the horse by Elmar to give it a chance to respond differently. The development of the horse is often quite impressive with several days of Elmar's riding.

Auditing is $10 a day.

If good riding inspires you, you will enjoy our clinic.

Elmar Schmiehusen

Elmar will ride the horses each day as well as the owners. Michael Beining helps with the translation between Elmar, the riders and the auditors, as well as, sharing training techniques. This unique format develops more success in the horse and rider. Emily Wagner who has been nationally successful on her stallion, Wake Up, had the oppurtunity to work with Elmar for 2 months at his stable in Germany. She will continue this working relationship in our clinic.

More about Elmar: Elmar was a trainer for Rudolf Zeilinger for 20 years as well as riding and training at his own stable in Warendorf, Germany. He has qualified several young horses for the Bundeschampionat--the German Young Horse Championship in Warendorf. The horses aged from 4 to 6 must obtain a score of 80% to be included. He qualified a 4 year old Trakenhner stallion with a score of 90.8%. The stallion went on to be short listed for the European Championship under C. Koppelmann. Elmar has trained horses to Grand Prix and some have been sold to the US. Elmar can be seen in Zeilinger's video series, SCHOOLING A HORSE, riding horses in piaffe and passage.











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