Education at Landers Farm

At Landers Farms we are on a continuing journey of Body Awareness. Through Michael Beining's guidance we are learning how to become more aware of our body'swhich helps us in our daily lives and on our horses.

We welcome anyone who would like to join us on this journey. Please check in on facebook and our website to see when sessions are taking place.

You can book your own Body Awareness Session with Michael Beining!!!!

Medical dictionary definition of Body Awareness:
Body awareness exercises include activities to improve posture, balance, joint position sense, coordination and relaxation.

Some Body Awareness sessions take place on the floor to develop sensory perception and awareness of the smallest movements in our bodies. Other times these sessions can take place in Landers Farms lounge on chairs.

ANYONE is welcome to come audit lessons taking place on a daily basis at Landers Farms. Michael would be happy to explain his training techniques and you can see first hand how we use body awareness while riding.
Please call to make a reservation.
Feel free to stay as long as you would like!!!









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